About us

Founded by Raymond Leenders, Leaders in Nature focuses on strengthening organizations in challenging times, acting as a transformation partner.

Depending on the challenge of our clients we offer the following services: Interim Management, Consultancy and Strategic Facilitation.

We draw on decades of experience in diverse Supply Chain Management and Leadership roles and have a passion for connecting and developing people in a verity of functions and (business) cultures.

We deliberately do not limit ourselves to specific industry sectors. This because we are convinced of the power hidden in diversity and that other perspectives often yield stunning results.

In recent years, we have worked in widely diverse sectors and business cultures: apparel (Dutch-Norwegian), chemicals (Dutch-Japanese and Dutch-Saudi), medical devices (Dutch-English and American), ship propulsion and recreation (Belgian/(Walloon)-American), food industry (Dutch), ERP consulting (Dutch-American), building materials (Dutch-Danish) and aluminum extrusion (German).

We are known for our passion, enthusiasm, ethical standards, authenticity and ability to connect with people. We do not shy away from difficult situations and conversations; in our view, these are simply part of transformational processes. We build long-term relationships and usually support our clients for longer periods of time.

Is your organization in a (management/leadership) crisis, overwhelmed by chaos or struggling with strong growth? Get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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Raymond Leenders | Leaders in Nature

Interim management

We support organizations who are facing leadership challenges or going through a crisis.

Depending on the circumstances, we guide leaders through a crisis or act temporarily as interim or crisis manager.

We always apply our people-oriented approach: recognizing talents and empowering people. We pay close attention to (psychological) safety, beliefs, (un)awareness, team spirit, corporate culture and steering for (self)leadership.

Organizational & scm

We assist organizations (mostly within their Supply Chains) with transformation challenges and implementing change processes.

Depending on the assignment: we advise on departmental redesign, process/system changes or execute/lead tactical/strategic projects working closely with our clients.

strategic facilitation
strategic WORKSHOPS

We facilitate tailor-made strategic workshops to solve complex interpersonal or business-related challenges with the aim of accelerating your organization.

We use proven methods to make the invisible, visible and tangible. This enables us to achieve groundbreaking results.

Leadership Coaching
leaders & self-leaders

We coach people on their leadership skills: how to become a better business or team leader or how to become en effective self-leader, prevention of long-term absenteeism or as a sparringpartner for business leaders who seek reflection on their approach.

Our coaching sessions usually take place in the open air. Why? Because change requires people to move, discover new perspectives and develop a fresh view on the past, the present, the desired future and how to get there.

Interim management
areas of expertise
  • Human Centered Interim Leadership
  • Crisis Management
  • Building and restoring relationships
  • (Re)establishing psychological safety
  • Improving team and cross functional collaboration

guiding transformation
  • Advising and implementing organizational redesign / restructuring departments
  • Improving mutual cooperation and relationships
  • Steering complex cross departmental projects like: business integrations / business carve-out, relocation of teams / departments (cross country / intercultural), supply chain and distribution footprint optimization, setting-up and integrate new customs warehouses
  • Lead/supervise process and/or application changes
Strategic facilitation
  • One or multiple day workshops (up to 12 participants)
  • Lets you experience the true power of intuitive and rational thinking
  • Based on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method
  • Participation rate guaranteed at 100% (instead of a few participants speaking at all times)

Leadership coaching
  • Leadership and team coaching
  • Leadershipwalk in nature
  • Coaching for ambitious people
  • Coaching for professionals: focussing on personal leadership, prevention and recovery from absenteeism (like burn-out, stress, etc.)

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